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LondonDairy Yarns

LondonDairy  Specialty Yarns come in a variety of natural colors and specialty dyed marled (mixed) colors! This insures premium quality that our customers come back for. 

Once you knit alpaca yarn, you will never want to knit anything else !

* Product availability and prices are subject to change.


Sari Silk Yarn

LondonDairy Alpaca Ranch sells yarn that comes directly from our own alpacas.  Some of our yarn is 100% alpaca fiber and some is blended with 15%-20% bamboo to add streaks of color! 


Alpacas are shorn one time per year using a professional shearing team using methods and equipment that do not hurt the alpacas.  The fiber is then sorted and skirted. The best part is then sent to an excellent mill where it is washed, picked, carded, and spun into skeins.  This process creates yarn that is beautiful and incredibly warm, breathable, soft, and durable.


  • 100% alpaca from fiber grown at the ranch and processed in USA  (100% made in the USA!)

  • Colored yarn is created here at the farm from white skeins that were dyed with common earth dyes.

  • Yarns with “streaky” colors have bamboo color enhancers.

  • “Special” yarns are from Peru.


Ply: 3 or 4

Size and gauge: Sport weight


Yardage in skeins:  200-300 yards

Wash instructions: Hand wash with cool water (85 degrees Fahrenheit maximum) with a mild soap (Dawn Dish Soap) or human hair shampoo.  Do not use bleach.   Woolite is not recommended.  Remove excess water carefully, avoiding wringing or twisting.  Dry in a flat position, away from direct light.  Block as needed.  By hand, remove any wrinkles.  Never use a brush.  Touch up with a cool iron as needed.


Ready and easy to use in a pencil like ropes for the spinning enthusiast in multiple colors! Our roving is made from our own alpaca fiber and is made from alpaca prime fiber. Spinners use our roving for felting and many other crafty projects. Roving is sold in 8 ounce bags.  A bag of roving sells for $30.

Colored Rovings
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