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Judges Choice Awarded!

LondonDairy Giovanni 



Stud fee: $750

We are greatly honored to have Giovanni bring home a superior Judges Choice Award! This award was given in a Level V show!  We are humbled with Giovanni being chosen at that show over other top Champions from some of the best farms in our Nation.


He has: Impressive Fiber Stats – Density Test – Pedigree


He has an aire about him that just frames his already regal look.  His fiber is extremely consistent in micron and is very fine.  We are most pleased that he is holding staple length too now that he is maturing.  This is the true full package for fiber advancement.











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Edited Image 2016-02-02 20-47-00
Giovanni SB10


Fiber Stats:

2010: AFD 14.2 SD 4.1  CV 29.2% CF 99.2% Curv 52.5

2011: AFD 17.5 SD 4.5  CV 25.5% CF 98.3% Curv 49.5

2012: AFD 19.5 SD 4.6  CV 23.7% CF 96.9% Curv 47.3

2013: AFD 21 SD 5.0 CV 23.8 %>30 5.1  CF 94.9 SF 20.9  Curv 43.7   Wow!  incredible crimp shows up on Curv. numbers greater than 40.

Follicle Density Report:  Taken at 3 years of age and submitted to Norman Evans, DVM

65.75 Follicles/SQmm S/P=13.5:1   4 out of 4 for Gland Presence with large uniform clusters regular in size and shape.   These statistical findings match the outward expressions of what I see when Judging alpacas.  Very fine, well organized fleece types like these are breath taking.

Proudly co-owned with Wensley Dale Farms.


Alpaca Details

  • DAM GG (MB, LondonDairy's private reserve female)

  • SIRE Accoyo America Talisman (WH) a HemiAccoyo

  • DOB (BORN) 6/24/09 ARI# 31788366

  • COLOR Medium Fawn

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