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Alpaca Vocabulary Terms


Agist- When an alpaca owner lets his/her animal live at someone else’s farm, this is called “boarding” or “agisting.”


Alpaca Talk :

                Bugling – The warning sound made by alpacas when they trouble or a threat.

                Clucking – The sound alpaca moms make when they talk to their baby (cria).

                Humming – The sound alpacas make when they are talking to one another.


Carding – The process of combing and cleaning alpaca fiber.


Cria – A baby alpaca (either boy or girl).


Dam – An alpaca mother.


Drop Spinning – A process used to spin alpaca fiber into yarn.


Fiber – Alpaca hair.


Fleece – All the alpaca fiber from one alpaca after it is sheared.


Grazing – Alpacas eating grass in the pasture.


Grooming – Cleaning the alpaca with a brush.


Halter – A special strap that alpaca owners put on the alpaca’s head in order to help guide the alpaca where to walk.


Herd- A group of alpacas.


Herd Sire – The male alpaca that is in charge of the herd.


Huacaya – A breed of alpaca with fuzzy fiber that grows straight out from the body.


Paddock – A small fenced in area where the alpacas live when they are not out in the pasture.


Pasture – Where alpacas live and graze.


Shearer – A person who cuts the hair (fleece) off the alpaca.


Shearing – Cutting the hair (fleece) off the alpaca.


Sire – A daddy alpaca.


Spinner – A person who makes alpaca fiber into yarn.


Spinning Wheel – A machine used by the spinner to make yarn.


Suri – A breed of alpaca with long fiber that hangs in ringlets.


Veterinarian – Animal doctor.

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