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Field Trip Guide to LondonDairy Alpaca Ranch


The owner of LondonDairy Alpaca Ranch is here to HELP YOU meet your elementary, middle and high school students’ educational needs.  Our highly engaging, privately led tours are designed to supplement and enhance your curriculum in a fun, safe, and hands-on setting, rain or shine.  There’s more to LondonDairy than just seeing, feeding, and touching alpacas.  LondonDairy is one of the longest functioning, most established alpaca ranches in the Midwest, starting in 1995. 


The owner has a graduate college degree and impressive credentials with a variety of professional associations.  Kevin Stoer is a 28 year veteran educator, having been a school counselor, agriculture teacher, and FFA advisor; working with a variety of children of all ages and backgrounds. Additionally, the owners have often traveled to the alpaca’s native countries of Peru, Bolivia, and Chile, interacting with the local people and learning their culture. For detailed biographies on each owner, go to LondonDairy is a full-spectrum agricultural operation including daily care of raising alpacas, addressing medical and ethical issues, herd management and evaluation, competitive showing, breeding, shearing, fiber evaluation and products, clinics, travel groups, and a retail store.  Your tour will bring the academic standards in agriculture, science and social studies to life, and help your students make real-life connections to your curriculum, along with integrating knowledge from other academic areas. Additionally, tours can be adapted and tailored to emphasize a specific concept(s) or academic standard(s).


Wisconsin Academic standards addressed in our tours include, but are not limited to:  Agriculture (WCCTS) CD3a4e;CD3a8m;CD3a13h; CD3b3m; CD3b5h; EHS1c2e; EHS1c5m, EHS1d2e; GCA1a2re: GCA1a4m; GCA1a7h; GCA1c2e; AS1a and b- all indicators and grades; AS2a,b,c- all indicators and grades; AS3a,b – all indicators and grades;  AS4a - all, AS5b,c,d,f - all; AS6a,b - all; As7a,b - all; AS8a,b - all.

Science: F.4.1., F.4.3 F.8.2, F.8.4. F.8.5, F.8.6, F.8 & 12.7, F.12.8, G.4.1, G.4.3, G.4.4, G.8 & 12.1, G.8.2, A.12.5, H.12.3, H.12.5  Social Studies  A.4.7.,A.8.3,.5, A.8.7,A.8.8, A.8.11.. B.4.9, B.8.9, B.8.10, C.8.9, D.4.4, D.4.6,D.8.11, E.4.8, E.4.9, E.4.13, E.8.3. E.8.5, E.8.6E.8.10, E.8.11, E.8.13.


We can accommodate school groups of 125 people at one time.  However, we will require you divide your class into smaller groups of 25 maximum, and require one adult for every 10 students. 


Planning Your Visit


All tours are by reservation only. To book your date and time, please call (920) 793-4165 or email to make your reservation.  Tours are approximately 1.5 hours in length, plus additional time available to visit the gift shop.  Hours are 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM.  Admission is $5 per student and each adult/chaperone.  A single group payment is due on arrival with check, cash, or credit card.


Unlimited parking is available for cars or school busses.  Several public parks are nearby in Mishicot and Two Rivers where school groups may have a picnic lunch. For additional educational points of interest to fill your day in Manitowoc County, please go to



Alpaca Ranch Etiquette

-Children should be attended at all times.

-Do not feed alpacas except in permitted areas with supervision.

-No smoking at anytime, anywhere on the property.

-Always use quiet voices as alpacas are shy and sensitive to loud noises.

-Always walk slowly.  Fast or sudden movements will frighten the alpacas.

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